Back to School for Adults

Today Lily starts grade 1! I'll be sharing all the feels about that in a post next week, but since it's the first day of school I thought I'd share the backpack that I've been using and loving all summer long.

I've always loved Herschel bags but I'm especially excited about how they've expanded their line to include some more unique designs, fabrics, and hardware. Our kids got Herschel backpacks this year for back to school, and even though I'm long done school, I grabbed one too. Trips to the park, bike rides, really any outing with kids is infinitely easier with a backpack! For any new moms out there, I strongly encourage a backpack over a traditional diaper bag - they're just so much better!

Every time I bend over to help one of my littles with their shoes, or clean up a scraped knee my bag actually stays on my back. How novel! But seriously, any diaper bag or purse I've had until now would fall right off my body when I'd bend over. Shoulder bags of any kind are just not ideal for life with kids. Backpacks forever!

Being August, it's easy to find great backpacks everywhere, so now is a great time to grab one if you're in the market for one. Adulting is just easier with kid gear! Mine is from Altitude Sports, a Montreal-based Canadian sporting goods store and it's been my BFF all summer from trips to the park to spelunking in Iceland with my family.

This look has also been my go-to since May. Relaxed fit shorts + tee, my Herschel bag, sunnies, and messy hair. Summer has been glorious, enjoy the last fleeting moments while it's still here!


  1. Love the backpack, but I really love your shoes! What brand are they?

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