Charlevoix (part II)

*You can see Part I of our trip to Charlevoix here

Charlevoix really was incredible! Our second day there it was overcast and rainy all day, but we didn't care. We played in the hot tub for a little while but spent most of the day exploring. The tide was way out and there was such a playground awaiting us of rocks, shells, and of course, the ice cold salty water of the St. Lawrence.


I couldn't believe our kid's abilities even on such rough and rugged terrain. Our two year old was literally climbing boulders covered with slippery moss! They were all wearing Saltwater Sandals which are so awesome for adventure - they're water proof and have really thick soles. I wore my Birkenstocks for all of our adventures and was totally set. I still think it's crazy that I bought these sandals for a trip to Tanzania in 2005 and they're still going strong! Buying quality over quantity is the way to go - they've lasted me over 10 years!

It was especially fun to see our kids dive right into nature, since they live in such a different landscape back home. They were naturals! We all decided that a sandy white beach was not our thing, and that this rocky, dark sanded beach was our version of paradise. Iceland will be more of the same, so I'm glad they're on board!

Clover took to the adventure without hesitation, but she definitely had a few more spills than the rest of us. She was never hurt, but she fell in the water a lot which was pretty cold! We spent a lot of time cuddling her but then she's jump out of our arms looking for blue rocks without warning, haha!

 There were so many opportunities in Charlevoix to say, Isn't God creative? Isn't God powerful? There was no lack of teaching moments with the kids, that's for sure.

On our third and final day we packed up right away, said goodby to our Airbnb, and headed to a nearby town (Baie St. Paul) and stopped an an alpaca farm on the way! More pics to come!

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