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Hey! I'm Rach Kincaid! Everyday is a little bit different for me, but I’m really in my element when the days look similar to one another. I thrive on rhythms and routines.

I’ve got a worship pastor for a husband, six kids in a blended family, a full-time job as a hospice nurse, a part-time job as team lead for The Influence Network, and a mini-farm full of chickens. My plate is full, but somehow it all fits.

I think it has something to do with me routinely asking Jesus what he wants me to do and how to manage it when he speaks. I try to always start my morning around seven with iced coffee and the Bible. Three mornings a week, my whole family goes to the gym. Whoever’s not in school goes to the free childcare environment, and my husband and I work out without looking at each other too much. I shower there and go straight to work, where I see patients for a few hours. I visit folks in their homes at the end of life and try my hardest to get them comfortable and at peace with their disease and their loved ones.

I’m home in the afternoon and cook dinner while the kids run wild. And then we always, always, always eat at the dining room table. If the big kids want to invite friends, that’s fine. If someone needs to leave early to make it somewhere, that’s fine. But I find that gathering my crew around a table is a sweet way to keep us grounded and connected to each other.

Internet and computer-related work takes place at night after the kids go to bed, usually while my husband and I are sprawled out on the couch watching Netflix. We also make time for a date night once a month or so. Everyone rests and stays close to home on Saturdays, usually venturing out for a fun meal or a trip to the library while my husband does yard work. We work hard on Sundays, by spending most of the day at church, and then rest until our weekly grocery trip on Sunday evenings. I recently got my yoga instructor certification through Holy Yoga, and I hope to begin teaching soon. It’s a packed life but I still find downtime each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I love to read and experiment with fun skincare products. And I try to never go to bed until my husband’s ready. There’s something special about crawling into bed next to my partner in life, smiling about the day and ready for more tomorrow!

Thanks Rachel!
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