Hello, from Charlevoix! We're spending a couple of days in Quebec's cottage country after a crazy last few months (especially crazy for my hubs). I'm less relaxed in rural settings, so I don't know how restful it will be for me, haha! But I'm always up for time away with my tribe, and I love exploring new areas in Quebec. Enjoy a few of these posts while I'm hiding from mosquitoes!
  • I would die to vacation here!
  • Can you believe that Britian voted to leave the EU? Hope after Brexit, for those of us who are frustrated and bewildered. 
  • I can't believe Oli is ready for a booster seat! We're getting him this one, though he wishes it was orange. 
  • Dark swimming pools! In high school I knew someone who had a dark swimming pool and we always found it so much warmer (which makes sense) and it looked so sleek!
credit: Architectural Digest
  • We have been looking everywhere in Montreal for bao bun sandwiches, so this article was like glad tidings of great joy! 
  • Save $220 on one of the best double strollers around
  • How IKEA comes up with their product names. It's so insightful to walk around the store with google translate and solve the riddles for yourself! I may or may not have done it more than once... (Also don't you just love Swedish accents? I mean seriously!)
  • These drinks look so refreshing and yummy!
  • All the media from the conference I was at the other week is now available! Set aside an evening and dive in.
  • I just got this super cute print in honour of our visit to Amsterdam two years ago. It was 74% off which is just plain silly! Does no one love Holland?!
  • Take thirty seconds and sign this petition. Chemicals are not glamourous!
  • This kitchen is everything.
credit: Apartment Therapy

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