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Hi there! I'm Lucia, wife to a very handsome man and mom to one amazing little girl called Eva.

We live in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia - a beautiful country located between Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Croatia is known for its beautiful coast with over thousand islands, one of which is Silba, our summer home. We are currently in the process of counting down the days until we leave our downtown apartment to spend two months on a pretty much deserted island where there's nothing but clear water, beautiful beaches and pure, untouched nature.

Our summer days there pretty much consist of swimming, walking bare foot, eating delicious food, drinking good wine and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, those days don't last all year long and while in the city, our everyday life looks very different. I am a doctor and am currently finishing my first and easiest part of residency.

My husband works mostly from home and gets almost all of his work done in the afternoon so for now, we get to have our one year old daughter at home with us. Once I start working longer hours we will definitely have to find a childcare solution, but for now, we're making it work.

Our day usually starts with me waking up around 7 am and getting ready for work. Since becoming a mom I also became a woman who can dress, do hair and makeup and be ready to head out in literally ten minutes. Part of my morning routine is also prepping Eva's breakfast and outfit to make things a bit easier for my husband. We're one of those lucky parents who have a baby that loves to sleep in so she's rarely ever up before 9.30. Awesome, right?

I work mornings all the time and am mostly home by 2pm. I love cooking and my family loves to eat so I try my best to plan our weekly meals ahead and make something every day. Sometimes it works out but there are definitely days when we eat out more often than I'd like to admit. Afternoons mean nap time and work hours for my husband. As for me, that's when I usually deal with mountains of laundry, dishes and other fun stuff. I do love to take an occasional nap if I find the time but that hardly ever happens.

Once E wakes up I dedicate all my time to her, we go for a walk to the park or hang out with my girlfriends. Eva loves to be outside and if she's really cranky that's basically the only way to shift her mood and make her feel better. Once the work day ends for my husband, we have dinner together and spend some more time playing with Eva.

My husband loves to take over bath and bed time so I can have some 'me' time. I love to read so that's what I usually do whenever I can even though there are days when I barely have any energy left so I just sit around and relax. Once the baby's asleep we usually watch one of our favorite tv shows or just chill together, talk and plan our future adventures. We go to bed pretty late every night and which is a bad habit we can't seem to kick. But that's mostly because we're a couple that loves to have endless conversations and reflect on every aspect of our everyday life.

We also have this little ritual right before we fall asleep where we tend to just remind ourselves of how lucky and happy we really are. That's a ritual that I hope to share with Eva when she's a bit older as well as with all our future babies.

Once the weekend comes, things slow down a bit. Weekends for us mean family time. We do big family lunches and spend lots of times outdoors, taking Eva on playdates and long walks. Thanks to her awesome grandparents, we often manage to sneak in a date night which usually involves lots of sushi and a good movie.

There are weekends when we choose to really relax, spend our days in PJs and do nothing other than play with E and be as lazy as we can. Those weekends are rare though because we really try to make the most of our days together as they seem to go by so fast. We can barely wrap our heads around the fact that our baby is already a full blown toddler and we're well over a year into this parenthood thing. Even though it's hard work, we're loving every minute of it and hoping we'll have many more years together to grow as a family and create wonderful memories.

Thank you sweet Emily for including us into your weekly series!

Thank you Lucia! Your days are beautiful!

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