Our Nest in La Presse!

Recently our home was featured in the Maison section of La Presse +!

 La Press is the largest Francophone newspaper in North America, and I was really honoured to be featured there. The journalist who I met with was kind enough to send me the screen shots of our article, and I was quite proud of how it turned out. Here's a few screen shots:

The article is titled Vintage Minimalism on the Plateau, and it perfectly captured my style and our home (for those who did not know Le Plateau is our neighbourhood). Nadielle's aim with the article was to showcase homes that are not expensive, but have been made beautiful with frugal finds and creativity. I was big time blushing when she contacted me and asked me to participate!

In the article I share ways that we changed our kitchen, which was already renovated when we bought it, though not to our taste. The kitchen cabinets were painted by a friend, costing around $300, the subway tile back splash was around $400 including labour and materials (we are not good enough DIYers to attempt tiling!), the under cabinet lights were an easy IKEA addition, and the brass drawer pulls were only $1 each from Home Depot. The island is a painted and stained IKEA piece that the kids have destroyed over the years, and we'll definitely be replacing it when we move (which will be no time soon).

The journalist, Nadielle, and the photographer, Olivier were both some of the loveliest people. I was a little bit worried having them in my home and I set up really strict boundaries with them, telling them what they could and could not photograph, what they could and could not mention in the article, etc, and they were incredibly respectful.

Like most people, they got the biggest kick out of the kid's room. The article explains that three children share the one bedroom, and why we think it's not just a necessity, but actually terrific for them and their relationship. I love having any opportunity to shed light on the livability of the city, especially for families. So many people assume that once you have children, it's time to leave the city, but we know that the city is an incredible place to raise children and are happy to share our experiences.

One of my favourite parts about the article is where Nadielle writes about my love for the city and Le Plateau. She really understood my heart during our meeting, and communicated my passions perfectly. If you have a chance to see the article, let me know what you think! In all, it was a great opportunity.

 Merci, La Presse et Nadielle!


  1. Félicitations! I'm very happy for you. The article is great. :)

  2. I subscribed to your blog right after reading the article. LOVE IT! We used to live in La Petite Patrie. We tought that it would be better for our finances to move the whole family to the suburbs. 2 years after we moved, i'm still deeply in love with Montréal and know that we'll eventually be back! Keep on!

    1. aw, thank you Vincent! I love La Petite Patrie! Thanks for your encouragement :) See you soon, back in La Ville!

  3. Hello Emily, I loved what I could see of the spread in La Presse. I don't have an IPad either; I really don't need one as I work mostly at home on my MacBook. I also live in Petite-Italie (Piccola Italia, Little-Italy) which is part of la Petite-Patrie. I've lived in the Plateau, first near Carré Saint-Louis, then in the northeast opposite the adorable Parc Delormier. But for at least 25 years, I've lived near Jean-Talon market in Villeray and Petite-Italie. As in the Plateau, we have a borough council that is concerned about urbanism and the environment, and there are bicycle lanes on my street.

    Niagara Falls makes me think of peaches, wine, plums and other fruity pleasures...

    1. Thank you!! It's online now, actually! I love Petite Italie! I visit often for Marche jean-Talon and Trou de Beigne donuts :) Lovely neighbourhood.

      You're quite right about Niagara Falls, especially where I lived. Very tasty and seasonal, but lacked the excitement that a big city offers, I've found. Montreal is the right place for me!