the best TRIPLE strollers

If you have or hope to have three kids, you need to think about a triple stroller. But unless you're having triplets (God bless you if you are!), you probably don't want to buy something like this, so let's talk modern triple strollers. By this I mean a stroller with the capacity for one, two, or three passengers.

The three most popular strollers with triple capacity are the Baby Jogger City Select, the Uppababy Vista, and the Bugaboo Donkey. So which one is the best? Spoiler alert: I've tried them all and they're all excellent! But they're each very unique and each stroller has strengths and weaknesses. I hope this chart helps you decide which one will be right for your family!

First up is cost - usually the deciding factor for most people. The prices above include everything you need to make the stroller compatible for three passengers. The prices above include the main stroller, a second seat, some type of roller board, and any additional equipment required to make the triple configuration (i.e. the Bugaboo requires an extension set). I had to first make sure each stroller was on equal footing with what was included. For example, the Uppababy Vista and the Bugaboo Donkey both include a bassinet, whereas with the City Select, it's an added cost. Anything that was additional cost was added to make up the final price I've listed here. 

The City Select is the cheapest stroller of the three, though only by $30. The Bugaboo Donkey is definitely the most expensive, and is known as the highest-end stroller on the block.

Seat capacity is another important consideration. My almost-six-year-old still loves being in the stroller, so a high weight limit for the toddler seat is a key factor for me. Some websites said the Uppababy Vista had a maximum capacity of 50lbs and others said 55lbs.

Either way, the Uppababy Vista has the higher limit by at least 5lbs, with the Bugaboo Donkey coming in third.

Stroller width is especially important if you will be using your stroller for every day errands. If you'll only use your stroller for walks to the park or at the mall, this isn't as big of an issue. Urban parents need a stroller that can get in and out of doorways easily, and not take up too much space when not in use.

The City Select and Uppababy Vista are almost a tie at a svelte 26 and 26.5" wide (not bad for a triple!). The Bugaboo Donkey is much wider at 29" though I will say it's more narrow than comparable side-by-side double strollers. That said, I don't recommend side-by-side strollers because it's so hard to get through doorways.

Stroller weight is another thing that will be more important to parents who plan to use their stroller every day. Putting the stroller in and out of the trunk (or in my case, carrying it up a flight of stairs!) before and after every use makes lower weight essential.  To find the true weight of these strollers in triple configuration I added the weight of the basic stroller and all additional adaptors/seats/boards.

The Uppababy Vista and Bugaboo Donkey were both tied at 37lbs in triple configuration, and the City Select was much heavier.

We have used our Uppababy Vista for almost six years (and recently upgraded to the 2015 model when our old one was destroyed during last summer's family vacation) and I have to say, I think it's the best choice. I wanted to make sure my bias wasn't controlling this post, so I did a lot of research on each of the three contenders. I really think the Uppababy Vista is the best option, but I have used the City Select and the Donkey and I also think they're great strollers.

It's all about finding the stroller that suits your lifestyle, your family, and the budget. There are many more strollers with the capacity for three passengers, these are just the three most popular which is why I chose to compare them. Happy Strolling!

Buy the Uppababy Vista on Amazon or at Well.ca
Buy the Bugaboo Donkey on Amazon
Buy the City Jogger City Select on Amazon or Well.ca

also check our Kijiji + Craigslist for secondhand strollers!


  1. Katie10.4.16

    Thanks for all of your research! I'm due in June and have been back and forth between Baby Jogger and UppaBaby (leaning towards the latter), but this really sold me! I never knew the prices were so similar until you worked it out for three kids versus the initial cost. Super helpful post!

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