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I have a thing for cookbooks. If they weren't so expensive, I would have every one ever written. But since they're usually over $25, I try to limit myself to one new cookbook per year. Have I tried every recipe in every cookbook I own? Heck no. But they inspire me to cook, to try new recipes; they remind me why I love food and that's something.

/\/\ this gorgeous photo is from OUR FOOD STORIES, one of my new fav blogs! /\/\

Sometimes it's as simple as flipping through the pages. Other times I try a few recipes, and when I find that one flawless recipe, I make it again and again instead of continuing to try others. I have an Italian cookbook called Franny's filled with glorious pasta and pizza recipes. I tried a few, liked them all, but then landed on the mother of all red sauce recipes. It uses way more olive oil than you'd think, mixes things up with mint, and sneaks in two kinds of cheese. It's my go-to pasta now, such that we call it Franny's pasta, instead of it's actual name. As is my custom, I haven't tried a different recipe from Franny's since coming across this show stopper. Oops.

Brad, not surprisingly, is not a fan of this approach. Every time I tell him I want a new cookbook, he protests that I haven't tried half the recipes in the books I have. And of course, he's right. So while I still have at least five cookbooks, at any given time, on my mind to buy, I've taken to food blogs more and more. They're free, and beautifully photographed, and they do for me what cookbooks do, albeit on a smaller scale.

Here are my favourite food blogs at the moment, in no particular order:

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