Village Café

By now, you know how much I love the café culture in Montreal. But there's one snag that sometimes gets between me and a hand crafted latte - my kids. There are a few cafés that I'll never go with my kids, and many that I take them to, though with ample instruction and expectations given beforehand. And then there's Village Café.

Village Cafe is run by local parents who get the Montreal café scene. They also get kids, and my aforementioned snag.  They've created a fresh, bright, stylish space full of beautiful and modern kid's toys, and coffee as great as any other Montreal hot spot. It's any Montreal parent's dream come true.

My friend Audrey and I have taken to meeting up with our little girls a few times a month at Village, because it's pretty much between our houses, and our daughters love playing there. And, hi, we love the lattes. 

Check them out!
Village Café
207 Rue Beaubien Est

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