reading their name

Isn't it funny how, even as adults, we love learning about famous people who share our name? It can't be just me! I remember being a little girl and learning about Amelia Earhart, and thinking this amazing woman has my name! No one had the heart to tell me it wasn't my name at all, thankfully.

Even if you're above or beyond getting excited about someone famous sharing your name (Or birthday? I know I gotchya with that one!), your kids definitely aren't! And it's a great way to encourage interest in reading - find them a book with their name! My kids have pretty common names so it's not too hard to find books where the main character shares their moniker, and whenever I find a book with a Lily, Oli, or Chloe, I try my best to get it!

Lately Lily: Adventures of a Travelling Girl
Lily the Unicorn
Lily and Baa in Paris

Oliver Who Travelled Far and Wide
Oliver Twist
Oli Explores London

Chloe and the Lion
Chloe, Instead


  1. My two year old loves Lily & Baa in Paris. Great story and pictures. Looks like they are coming out with a new book where they travel to London. Can't wait!

  2. Lily & Baa was adorable!