It's been a while since I've shared a mélange post (or any post, really), so if you're still here, thanks for your patience! Turns out when I imagined my schedule suddenly freeing up as my kids began school, I was looking at a mirage. The schedule doesn't clear out, their needs don't disappear, and intentional life at home doesn't become simpler. But once in a blue moon the kids still go to bed at a decent hour and my hubby has hockey and I'm not exhausted, so binge-blogging! First up, links to love from around the web:

Parenting in Sweden. This post reminds me of everything we loved about Stockholm this summer (and how I'm behind on posting our vacation pics!). Long live Scandinavia!

I love when Apartment Therapy house tours feature homes near us! I want to be neighbour buddies with this beautiful apartment (heart eye emoji)

I have such a black thumb when it comes to gardening, so I loved reading about Zerographica. aka AIR PLANTS. Where can I buy some in Montreal!?

c/o Little Green Notebook

Hockey season is just around the corner! Here's 10 Canadiens story lines to follow.

I don't have teens yet, but I'm a fan girl of anything Rhonda writes on parenting, and this post on Staying Connected To Your Teen caught my eye.

As a pastor couple, B and I do a fair bit of counseling. 5 Ways to Minister to Women in Crisis was a great read.

Michelle over at Roasted did a great article on a new local paper shop called Boucle & Papier and I can vouch for this shop as being one of the sweetest most inspiring spaces! And the owner, Jessyca, is lovely. We've already bonded over being moms of three in 2 bedroom condos and once you've got that, well, what else do you need? Visit Boucle & Papier @ St. Laurent and Fairmont.

c/o Boucle & Papier
I ask Lily every day how school went, and I usually get a bland answer. This article gave me some tips on getting better conversations about school going.

I'm biased as we pastor a small church and have only every wanted a small church (not that we don't want growth! but as growth happens, let's plant more churches!), so of course, I loved this article on the large need for small churches.

This asian chicken salad looks great for lunches!

c/o Baked Bree

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  1. Loved the Swedish parenting thing. A lot of the article is almost identical to any Finnish household. My grandma still tells me to put B outside to sleep!! lol. And we definitely own a cheese slicer. ;) Thanks for sharing!