7 years

Look at these little kittens! They didn't know what they were getting into, but they knew it was with the right person. Yesterday we celebrated SEVEN YEARS of marriage! Of pure wedded bliss. Ha! And rocky times and stupid fights and 1,000 "I forgive you"s. Brad and I met at an African airport, started dating after knowing each other for 4 months, dated for 6 months, were engaged for another 6, and got married a couple months after our "1 year anniversary". It's been a whirlwind, our marriage. And I love us. Cheesy, right? But so true!

/\ /\ /\ babies! /\ /\ /\

Seven years, 3 kids, and 1 church plant later, you're still the one, Bradford.
After traveling to 10 countries, seminary, and up to Le Plateau, I'd still go anywhere with you.

 /\ /\ /\ 7 years in /\ /\ /\

ps - this is a fun song that was on our wedding mix cd that we gave all of our guests. seven years later, I don't still love every song we put on that CD but this is still a favourite!

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