a morning in Verdun

Last weekend the kids and I trekked out to Verdun and spent the morning with friends. Since I've lived in Montreal I've always had at least one friend in Verdun and so have been my fair share of times, but I was amazed at how much it's changed even in the last year or two.

Thanks to the Indie Coffee Passport I had double motivation. We played with friends at the awesome park, Parc Arthur-Therrien (3750 Boulevard Gaétan Laberge) and then headed over to Station W (3852 Rue Wellington) for my free iced latte and their amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. On the way home we stumbled on this beautiful sculpture equipped with climbing pieces for kids. Nicely played, Verdun.

Also, I can't get over Chloé lately. Smiling at the camera, at last! How is she turning two THIS MONTH?

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