summer music that you're going to LOVE.

I am not one to listen to music much. With lots of young kids in a small space, it can often feel very loud with no music at all, and unbearable when somethings playing. But I love dancing. Please invite me to your weddings! Brad and I are often the last ones on the dance floor at weddings because we love tearing it up together. And this husband of mine, he loves music. It's a borderline passion.

He's the guy who knows about the best bands before they break. He's the one who carefully selects a song for an occasion. He's the one who hears a song and more than likes it or knows it - hes already tied a memory of a particular event to that song. Often when we hear a song somewhere he'll make a nostalgic comment like "This song reminds me of when I walked to the post office to pick up your engagement ring that I'd had shipped to me, and I was nervous and excited and I just knew when I put it on your finger you'd say yes". That's the guy I married.

I, on the other hand, am not that girl. I often find that having music on distracts me, stresses me out, and feels like added noise. Especially since having kids. And I tend to hate top 40 music as well as most Christian music. So it's not the easiest for me to claim that I love a playlist. But Brad makes it his business each year (usually aligned to when we're traveling) to create a Best Of playlist. He finds the greatest songs, buys each one on iTunes, and we declare it our music for 2015/whatever year it is. He's done this every year we've been married and he also did one for our wedding guests back in 2008 (it's worth mentioning that many of our wedding guests continue to tell me it's one of their favourite CDs!).

A while back I shared a video on Instagram of the kids dancing in our Stockholm rental apartment and I had a few people asking what song they were dancing to, and really, I think you guys should know about all of these songs. Not because it will make you cooler or more in the know! Please don't think that. But because it's GREAT music and you'll want to dance as soon as you hear it and all you'll think of is Summer 2015 when you hear these songs in the years to come.

Here's the Playlist this year. I know you'll love it. Listen and enjoy and please buy the songs you love most :)
  1. Geronimo by Sheppard
  2. Shadow by Bleachers
  3. Shut up and Dance by Walk The Moon
  4. Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit
  5. I Want You by Saint Raymond
  6. Rollercoaster by Bleachers
  7. Riptide by Vance Joy
  8. England Skies by Shake Shake Go
  9. Different Colors by Walk The Moon
  10. Where The Sky Hangs by Passion Pit
  11. Congo by Bear Mountain
  12. When I’m Away by The Colorist
  13. Heroine by Satellite Stories
  14. Kisser by Step Rockets
  15. Flames by Cider Sky
  16. Green Grass of Tunnel by Mum
  17. Well Enough by William Fitzsimmons

you're welcome!


  1. Anonymous9.7.15

    Walk the Moon has been a favourite for years at our house...Anna Sun is a fun one!! I also just discovered Fink and Lauren Daigle and they are on heavy rotation here!