my new favourite snack

I'm trying to eat less sugar after realizing that my energy levels had been crazy low. One day without any sugar (except natural sugar found in a banana) and I found myself much more energetic, I slept the best I had in months that night, and woke the next morning with my 6am alarm easily. Coincidence? Who knows, but I'm giving sugar a break for a while.

I definitely plan to reintroduce sugar after a while, fear not! Life is too short to abandon dessert! But I was in a place where six cookies was breakfast, sooooo ya. Changes.

This snack has become a favourite. Whole grain bread, toasted. Topped with mashed avocados (or if you have time, make guacamole, and top the toast with that). Then add sliced tomatoes, chia seeds ('cause apparently they're the best), cilantro, drizzle of olive oil, and salt. Hi, new favourite, filling, nutritious, not-sugar snack.


  1. I totally know what you mean about revamping morning food, I eat a lot of sugar for breakfast too. Avocado toast sounds like just the thing!

  2. It's rapidly beving an all-meal option! I had it for lunch yesterday with sriracha and green onions on top. Mmm. Especially when PA sells avocados for 50 cents a piece it's a no-brainer