my favourite Plateau cafés

I'm always asked for recommendations for our 'hood, so I figured I should get them in writing so they're easier to pass along. As always, coffee comes first.

Montreal has an incredible café culture, and le Plateau Mont-Royal has serious bragging rights. It's not just about great coffee (but it is about great coffee!). Cafés are a home away from home. They're a place to study, gather with friends, take a breather, date in public (yeeeea!), be inspired, get connected, meet your neighbours, colleagues, whomever!

Urban people really rely on the third spaces away from home and work, in part because their dwellings are so tiny, but also because going out is a huge part of the culture, and cafés are the solution!

Le Couteau
Every single one offers quality coffee, delicious treats, and beautiful décor. The Indie Coffee Passport is how I discovered many of them, and it's a great way to test out local cafés without breaking the bank. Does anyone know if they're doing ICP this year?

Le Couteau - 4627 St-Denis
Le Couteau is one of the most spacious Plateau cafés and one of the closest to my house! We took our family photos here in 2013!

Myriade - 251 Saint-Viateur Ouest

When I used to work at Concordia University and lived in St-Henri, Myriade was a new café blowing up the coffee scene in Montreal. I was delighted when they opened one in the Mile-End corner of the Plateau!

Café Névé - 151 Rachel Est

Of all the cafés, Café Névé probably has the best food. Their coffee is terrific too, but definitely stay for lunch!

Le Moineau Masqué - 912 Marie Anne Est

I love love love the vibe in Le Moineau Masqué. It's very Scandinavian and reminded me of Copenhagen. It's the only café on the list that has children's books and toys (though they're all fairly kid friendly).

Café Replika - 252 Rachel Est

This year Café Replika was renovated and is more beautiful than ever. Loads of space and seating, beautiful design.

Le Falco - 5606 de Gaspé

Le Falco is on the main floor of an office building in the Mile-End, so it's filled with young professionals and casual business meetings. At lunch time it's really busy, but really serene at every other time of day. I love going here in the winter months because the massive floor to ceiling windows let the sun pour in while you're escaping the freezing temperatures. 

Le Couteau

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