Lets start off with some general blog recommendations, mk? Here are a few of my favourites, go visit them and enjoy!

  • Chin-ups and Buttercups - my friend Lydia manages to walk the tightrope of discussing body image, fitness, motivation, and the gospel flawlessly. She takes you on her journey to 130 (effort to get in shape) and exposes the idols of the heart that are so tightly linked to image and fitness. Love this blog and this girl.
  • From the Natos - this qualifies as a mega-blog in my opinion (I think most of you already read it). But it's worth mentioning because it's so fun to read and she's brutally honest. She writes often of her husband's affair, her child's disabilities, and the mess that is real life. 
  • Mockabee 7 - Jodi Mockabee doesn't blog often (she has five kids, no wonder!) but I'm always glad to see her show up in my feedly. She parents her kids with really beautiful intentionality, a theme I'm noting I gravitate towards. I'm really drawn to their simple lifestyle and her home and style are super inspiring!
Ok, now for a quick tour of the interwebs.
  • Have you seen this Amy Schumer parody about rape? When I first heard about it I assumed that they were poking light at rape and was disgusted, but after I saw it posted again elsewhere and read about this viral skit, I realized they're shedding light on a culture that allows for rape. Smart.

  • 10 Montreal coffee shops you need to visit right now. They're missing a ton but if you're in town for a weekend you should definitely check out Café Myriade. Café Parvis has been on my list for a while and is actually pretty close to me. No excuses once the weather warms up!
  • We have spent a good deal of time in Louisville, Kentucky over the years since Brad is doing his MDiv through a seminary there. It was fun to see Apartment Therapy feature Louisville in their design lovers series.
  • This kitchen. Thank you very much.

  • I'd love to see the documentary series Twice Born
  • A lot of interesting conversations came from my blog post on Why I Make My Kids Say "Sorry" (even when they aren't). I'm always interested in hearing how this works itself out in other families.
  • Summer is coming and it's about to get a whole lot harder to be stylish and modest. This online shop has really beautiful clothes at a great price point! 

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