Netflix love.

So right off the bat I'll tell you, we're not too big on TV. We don't have cable and we don't miss it. We do have Netflix and I buy occasional seasons on iTunes if I'm particularly into the series. And we'll rent the odd movie. Our kids get to watch one or two 20 minute shows each day, but it's not unusual for us to skip TV for a day, and there are days when they watch a little more (especially this past cold-flu season!). In general, Brad and I want to be cautious about how much TV our kids watch, and what the content is, and likewise for ourselves.

There are a couple things I would love if we had available to us such as NHL games, cooking shows, and TLC (hi, I'm weird and love the Duggars), but we decided a long time ago that it wasn't worth the $50+/month cable bill. I'm happy to have the money savings, but it's more than that. Now that we're completely unexposed to commercials, I find them jarring when I see and hear them. Commercials for things we can't afford, things I don't want my kids to have, for shows we don't want to watch,  promoting worldviews we weren't excited about. Just, bleck. Also, cable TV after 10pm? sketchoooooooooo.

Commercials really annoy me, and are one huge perk of Netflix. Netflix spares us the commercials and shortens screen time by 10 minutes per episode. Win-win!

But Netflix is sometimes an enormous hunt for something worthwhile. So I'm always asking friends what they've recently seen on Netflix to spare me the endless scrolling. So, let me be that friend for you today!
  1. Downton Abbey 
  2. Mr. Selfridge 
  3. Call The Midwife 
  4. The Paradise 
  5. various TED talks
  6. The Mindy Project
  7. Suits
And Movies:
  1. The Way Way Back
  2. Spinning Plates
  3. Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe
  4. What to Expect (I know, but any mama can appreciate a novelty pregnancy flick)
  5. Secrets of Chatsworth, Althorp, Henry VIII's Palace, Highclere Castle, Selfridges (these Brit documentaries GET ME)
On My List:
  1. Kings of Summer
  2. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  3. Somm
  4. Dan in Real Life (LOVE but want to re-watch)
  5. Julie & Julia (LOVE as well, and actually own somewhere...)
  6. Haute Cuisine
  7. Populaire
  8. Red Obsession
  9. Kings of Pastry
  10. United
  11. Velvet
  12. The Mind of a Chef
You will notice a theme of British period dramas and foodie flicks. I won't defend myself!

What are you watching?

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  1. I know this is late, but I just watched Belle. Period drama movie based on a true story set in England in the late 1700s! I loved it! And my favourite BBC period drama of all time is North and South!