3 to a room adventures continue...

It seems like just yesterday we were wondering how we would fit three kids, age 3 and under in the same room. After some secondhand furniture hunting, we found a great solution: the trundle bed! We were able to find a twin bed with a trundle underneath, and two mattresses with mattress covers for $150 on Craigslist. We painted the bed white and have been so happy with the solution. Chloe took over the Jenny Lind crib and the kids had the trundle and all was well.

But Chloe is getting heavy (almost 30 lbs!) and is probably our most rambunctious baby to date, which has us wondering how long a crib will be safe for her. Trust me, I would keep that wild girl in the crib for another two years if I could - I know how much of a handful she'll be unconstrained at bedtime! But I imagine by summertime, we'll be saying goodbye to our faithful crib and looking for another way to sleep our three littles.

We are completely sold on the wonders of the trundle bed, so I think we'll keep it and instead of having it under a twin bed, we'll get bunk beds and have it under that. Trundles are great for sleeping two kids when one or both are too young for bunk beds. Lily was only three when we had Chloe so we didn't think the top bunk would work for her, but now I know she'll love it and it will be safe enough for her. And no more crib actually means we'll have MORE room for the kids. Freaking. Out.

We already have the trundle, but we will need to sell our current twin bed and crib and buy bunk beds and a third twin mattress. I'm hoping the cost of bunk beds and a third mattress will be around even after selling the crib and current bed, but imagining that we'll have to spend some money.

My "decor for the littles" board on pinterest has long been filled with Scandinavian black and white kid's rooms and I think that's the direction I'd go in. I can't decide if we'd want a white bunk bed or a natural wood one that we could stain any shade of wood. I'd get the light grey Beddy's for Oli's bunk and the girl's who would be on the top and trundle, would get white ruffle. In a perfect world, the extra space would be filled with a tee pee, and I might look into making one since they can be pretty costly if you buy them! UPDATE: we got the Beddy's and I have major mixed feelings about them. If you're considering buying them, contact me and I'll give you the list of pros + cons :)

I can't believe we're about to have MORE space in our kid's shared room. This whole room sharing thing has been wonderful, and not nearly as difficult as we had thought it would be. Plus when it's all your kids have ever known, everyone's happy!

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  1. Hey Emily, I love the idea of having all your kids share a bedroom, and trundle beds remind me of Little House on the Prairie :)
    Anyway, I actually came here to see if you wanted those wall hangings? I need your email address to send you a PayPal invoice and just saw that you aren't going to be on Insta until after Lent :)