So it seems I went well over a week before posting my recent mélange post and now I'm ready for another one already. The Interwebs are funny that way. Some weeks I can't stop from bookmarking posts, sometimes ten at a time, and others not much catches my eye. Isn't it great that all of this education/entertainment/resource is at our finger tips FOR FREE? I love the internet! I love blogs and sometimes can't believe I don't pay a cent for all that I take in. Sweet, sweet 21st century fun :)
  • one mom's view on changing the birth order of her children through adoption. love her and her heart and her enormous family! 
  • I've talked before about limiting screen time for babies and early toddlers, but some day screens will play a larger role in the lives of our kids. I enjoyed this post on negotiating screen time with kids. Clean before screen? Gold. 
  • a collection of pictures of the best part of every wedding ceremony (which is of course watching the groom behold his bride for the first time). My groom shared this with me this week. Tear. City.

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