Thank goodness for iphones. I seriously don't know how I did the whole up-all-night thing with Lily, before I had any smart devices. These days, come 3am, the only way I can stay awake enough to nourish Chloé is to be browsing blogs or instagram while I'm doing it. And it's through instagram that I've discovered so many new blogs lately that I'm totally loving and think you will too.

Here's a few new favourites, check them out!

Lovely Little Whimsy (fun fact, she had a baby girl the same day I had Chloé!)
It's The Little Things (she also just had a baby! A couple days after me!)

And now, for my favourite posts recently:
  • a good source tells me that these t-shirts are the best around and are super high quality, ethical, and affordable. SAY WHAT? I'm so ordering some.
  • adoption is wonderful (we hope to some day!) but there are a lot of ethical quandaries with it that often go unnoticed, unspoken of, and unconsidered. Choosing sex or race, rights of birth parents, money money money, etc. A great read on ethics + adoption.
  • I looked forever for a corner bookshelf like this for our dining nook. FOREVER. I never found one, but if I ever do, I would DIY it exactly like this one.

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