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Check out these great links around the web this and last week! 
  • I'm finding this Mothering Around The World series fascinating.
  • Apartment Therapy's Design Lover's Guide to cities of the world featured Montreal recently. I didn't think they had a very "insider's perspective" as many of the suggestions were tourist traps, but still a fun read.
  • I love beer and miss it. But I'm still actually consuming a decent amount in my food! Fear not, alcohol is cooked away :) Here's the top uses for beer in cooking! Yum.
  • This whole front entrance is incredible. I'm in love with the simple greenery, the grey painted facade, and the orangy-red front door. Next house...

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  1. So obsessed with Suri's Burn Book! My co-worker and I frequently joke about one of my students' from last year, who had a notebook that she'd always write in, and say its her burn book. Love it.