a quickie family visit

Some days I panic when I think about how far we live from most of our family. Though Brad's brothers aren't near having children yet, my sister and her husband could in coming years, and they live 6 hours away! Plus we have nearly three kids and they haven't started yet, so I wonder about the age gap and if the cousins will be friends. This weekend put those wonders to rest when my little cousin Maggie came to visit for the greatest 24 hours ever.

Maggie isn't little anymore - she's 23 and living in Europe working as a kindergarten teacher! She has a great blog that you can check out here. Especially if you're a teacher, traveler, or hoping to be either, check it out. But she'll always be my little cousin. And don't even get me started on Sarah, her little sister! Sarah is 20 and though these days she's a great friend and peer like Maggie, it's sometimes hard to separate them from the seven and ten year olds that I babysat and had sleepovers with, and genuinely grew up alongside.

In many respects, they were and are little sisters to Lisa and I, and we're not so close in age. Lisa is 5 years older than Maggie and 8 years older than Sarah. I'm 3 years older than Maggie, and 6 years older than Sarah. Yet as kids and still as adults we found so much in common with one another and always had the best times together. Maggie is home for a little break before heading back to Poland on Sunday, so she came out to Montreal to meet Oli and hang out for me for a very short visit. We had a BLAST. I only wish Lisa and Sarah could have been there too!


Oli LOVED her, we saw the Old Port + Montreal sights, caught a lovely indie band performing live in the square, feasted on delicious donuts + Kem Coba ice cream + take-out sushi,  watched the original Parent Trap (from 1961! one we grew up on and loved) + the old school Babysitters Club movies (from 1990! oh amazing.) on Netflix. It was incredible.

It makes me excited for the day our kids have cousins, and not at all worried that an age gap will mean anything negative. What a good reminder. What an awesome family :)

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  1. My son is almost two, and has used many different brands of diapers. He pulls and tugs at them, colors on them with paint and markers, stretches them over his head (when they are clean), puts them around his legs and runs through the house, play on the playground with just the diaper on. And through all of that, they still work.