• I have a lot of the same questions about modern parenting as this guy.
  • This Day In The Life post is what I'm talkin' about! So real. So honest. So much like my days, only I don't always want to admit some parts :) 
  • Creamsicle cake. Oh man. I need an occasion to make this, especially since I've cut back on my regular (read: almost daily) baking and sugar intake!
  • This garland has been on my to-do list for far too long. So easy and colourful!
  • I would love this book!
  • When I'm stressed or busy or overwhelmed, I cook. Or bake. I get in the kitchen. Sometimes I post a meal I'm working on in Instagram and people are all "woah, how do you find the time!?" or "I wish my kids would chill out for a second so I could get in the kitchen!" and I'm all "MY KIDS ARE INSANE RIGHT NOW. THAT'S WHY I'M COOKING (it's cheaper than a massage or therapy and I don't need childcare to do it - just high tolerance for ankle biters and noise). Anyway, I made these today while Oli was loosing his mind and they were delish. Get on it!
  • This journey has been so lovely to watch. And doesn't it just inspire you to consider an adoption of a child with special needs or a cleft lip? SERIOUSLY.
  • When Oli gets older and some day doesn't live in a co-ed room, this room is such awesome inspiration for a cool boy's room!
  • Are you the hands on parent or the get-stuff-done parent? I think in an ideal world both Brad and I would be both (or we'd both be hands on and be able to hire people to get the stuff done for us, HA.) but I think in reality when Brad is with the kids (which is less often then me, obviously) he's more hands-on and day in and day out, I'm more get-stuff-done.Great points made by these ladies about not envying those who are one or the other (or whose husbands are one of the other) because both have drawbacks and the grass is always greener on the other side!)
  • Porn is going out of business? Obviously I love that. Women everywhere should be rejoicing. But why? Not such a great reason.
  • A great blog post on bonding with a new baby when you're hands are already full of kids. I'm taking notes for September!

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