• This holiday felt craft is right up my alley. Sarah did a manger set but I don't think I have the energy/skills for such a project right now. felt tree would be much easier!
  • These leather drums would be such a fun project to to for Oli. I wonder if I could buy some leather pants or a jacket from Salvation Army for the material? Buying new leather isn't the most affordable (or ethical, I suppose!) option...
  • I fell for this Etsy shop this holiday season. Beautiful wooden toys! We bought Christmas ornaments from here for the kids with their names etched on a small disc of wood and got one for ourselves that said E + B in a heart :)
  • Speaking of Etsy, did you know you could buy Washi Tape there? I couldn't believe the selection at this shop. Swoon.

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  1. Cute wooden toys! Doesn't it make you want to buy a cheap jigsaw? and some sandpaper? :)