This mélange is weeks in the making! I was already behind on posting it before we lost Internet for 3 days and jumped in our time machine back to the 90s. Don't want to go back there, ever! So here's a bit of a delayed list of things around the web that I've found inspiring. Some are new today, after a quick blog binge :)


  • Make this snack IF IT IS THE ONLY THING YOU MAKE this Christmas. Morgan brought it over as a Christmas gift for us the other day and I ate my face off. Guys. I'm not kidding. Make it.
  • I can't even handle this Christmas home tour. It is my style, to the tee. Not overly "traditional Christmas" but still so warm and cozy with a good dose of homemade. >>>
  • spray painting a thrifted Nutcracker would be a really quick holiday craft. If it weren't so cold outside!
  • I'd love to use this tutorial to try my hand at infused/flavoured vodka. I'm not a huge vodka fan, but it might be a fun gift or for entertaining.
  • I loved everything about this post. Figuring out how to share our faith with our kids, how to talk to them about hard things, how to answer their questions.
  • Therapeutic conversations every to-be mother needs to have. This was a fun read because I remember that phone call!
  • I had a broom stick horse as a kid, did you? Such a fun toy, and here is a great DIY tutorial. I'd love to make one for Lily some day in the future, when I could be sure her and Oli wouldn't use the stick as a weapon (so, never?)
  • LOVE this canvas with small discs of wood. If we had an electric saw, I'd have made it already!
  • A big chunk of our church plant is focused on our neighbourhood. I love this site called The Neighborhood. It's full of tips to be a great neighbour. Don't we all need to improve in that area? Or just me?

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