kitchen island re-do

As soon as I saw our kitchen when we were touring houses to buy, I loved how big it was. Too small to be an eat-in kitchen, but begging for an island. We bought an IKEA island and lived with it for a little while but were just itching to paint and stain it. One day we did. And had the cabinets painted too. And we loved it! And our kitchen!

The problem was that we shop at Costco. And we don't have a ton of storage, so the island began to house a lot of our family-sized purchases of beer and wine. Ahem. Classy, right? I needed to find a solution to tidy up the kitchen. For goodness sake, we have church here on Sunday nights, people! (more on our church plant this week, I promise!)

I've mentioned before that I'm on a straight up sewing hiatus. I'm not sure why, I'm just tired of it. Probably because all of the simple, "needed" projects are done with, and I don't desire to delve into the world of complicated sewing. Sewing straight lines frustrated me enough, though the end result was always gratifying. When you're self-taught, it's often that way I think. A lot of frustration along the way, and I still probably do most things incorrectly. But making a few pillow cases, curtains, Oli's baby blanket, and our stockings were achievement enough. I'll still make the occasional craft with the help of a sewing machine, but for now, my best friend is duct tape. The class just keeps flowing in this post :)

So our island "curtain" (or skirt) is just a plain old piece of fabric. Duct taped to the inside frame of the island. Hiding our Costco binge buys and tying the yellow and orange from our dining room and kitchen. Love it! It hasn't held up perfectly - I have fixed the placement of the tape and wished I'd ironed the fabric beforehand, but for the most part, it's a great "for now" solution!

And we ended up buying two great stools while we were in the USA from Overstock.com (free shipping and amazing deals, but they don't ship to Canada. Womp womp.) They add much needed seating and fit the style really well, I think. And I also think this project is complete.

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