• Such a funny + honest post. not that I can relate at all...
  • I love this idea and these beautiful soup cans from tar-jay.
  • This too! We're going to Tar-jay today actually (in East Harlem, eep!) Guess what I'm spending 70 cents on?
Young House Love
  • the adoption of an older child is often discouraged. Especially if they will become an older sibling to your biological children. What an encouraging post amidst all the negative material I've seen!
  • this month I'm sponsoring Carina's blog and through that I found another blog that I can tell I'll love. Just look at the most recent post. Chills.
  • Speaking of Carina's blog, this post reminded me I'm not alone. Sensing a theme this week?
  • Oli has been mildly feverish and teething all week and Lily can't kick a super phlegm-y cough so I've been a bit housebound. Feeling like this:


  1. love those paint cans! good luck in East Harlem! It will surely be an adventure :)

  2. I love the idea with the warhol soup cans!!! i actually wanted to find something to do with mine:)

    Looking forward to clicking on your links!

  3. WEEPING through the akers of love blog.
    love it. so blessed by it.