another girl falls in love with her uncle

It's no secret in my family, that I had a bit of a crush on one of my uncles growing up. I was lucky to be born into a really close family and I have unique and personal relationships with all of my aunts and uncles. Many a bit quirkier than the average niece-aunt/uncle. Such as dialing up Auntie Anne to chat just like I'd do with my mom, or nick-naming uncle Bob everything under the sun (many of them sticking, much to his concern!), including Robere, Robe, Bobert, Bobby, etc. 

But when I was five, there was one man for me. And his name was "Uncle Handsome". Yes. That's what I called him. Not Uncle Duke, like the rest of the cousins. Uncle Handsome. I was smitten. Duke is one of my dad's brothers, and when we were younger, we lives just down the road from him. There was nothing in it for me to name him the captain of suck-up names, except that I was sure he was one of the most handsome men I'd ever seen (I also was disgruntled to hear that my dad was married and my reasoning was that there wouldn't be any better looking boys for me to marry, than him. Something in the Terreberry genes? Or just a love-sick little girl?) To be fair, my dad is an attractive man, and Duke looks similar to Tom Selleck (hello!), so it wasn't totally out of left field, but it was plain adorable how much I loved him. Still do.

One of the greatest parts of parenting is seeing your siblings fall in love with your kids just as much as you do. I've posted pictures before of Rob and Mike (Brad's brothers) playing with Lily, but never of Andrew. Andrew will be marrying my sister Lisa on Lily's 1st birthday this summer and on a recent visit we snapped some adorable shots of the two of them. She'll be the flower girl at their wedding, and we couldn't be happier! Family is so important, and living 7 hours from the majority of yours hasn't been easy as we raise a baby (and a bun in the oven!), but these pictures remind me that family isn't about geography. Even if I was lucky enough to live just down the road from Uncle Handsome.
Andrew starting his morning coffee with the early bird who had already been awake for hours. Is she waving? OMG.

giving Uncle Andrew some love!


Brad, Lis, and Andrew (plus Lily) in the metro during our trip to Jean-Talon Market. Lisa and Brad and I shopped olives and cheese and flowers. Andrew mostly played with his niece :)


  1. Aunti Anne31.3.11

    These are the best pictures! Lucky Lily... and lucky Andrew too!

  2. Those nicknames for your uncle are hilarious! My family is big on nick names too. My brother's MIDDLE name is Robert and he gets Bobert every now and then!!

  3. Ah! So cute!
    I loved this post, brightened my morning!
    Not to mention those olives from the Jean-Talon Market were DELICIOUS!