who eats enough green things?
not me.
probably not you either.

I've been doing a lot of reading about diets and health as I've been learning how to prepare healthy baby food for Lily and I'm realizing my diet, though made up of from-scratch recipes (often) and fresh foods, isn't as healthy as it could be. Case in point: vegetables. I'm not getting enough. When I used to pack a lunch and snacks for the day while I was working out of the home, it was easier. Throw in some carrots, a salad, banana, apple, etc. Fruits and veggies were often the easiest and quickest things to pack. But now I'm eating pasta so much more for lunch, and that's basically zero vitamins. carbs. herbs. tomatoes. But that's it. And tomatoes aren't all that either...
Enter: spinach. 
I'm throwing it in everything. 
You know what's amazing? 

But it's über good for you, and ads fun colour to otherwise bland looking things like banana-soy-drinks (which is exactly what it sounds like: 1 banana, 1 C soy, 4 ice cubes; blended).

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron, Calcium, and it tastes like bananas. 
Because I blend it with bananas. 


  1. Looks sooo green...but yummy! Spinach is in so much that i cook. but I NEVER thought of in a smoothie...so smart!

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