great great day

Today two women from my past became part of my present and it was so wonderful!

Jen was like a mentor to me throughout university. She worked for Campus for Christ while I was a student and is one of the reasons I work for them today. I always wanted to be like her when I "grew up" and I think I am in many ways today. She's gracious beyond most people's capacity and one of most patient, lovely women I have in my life.

Suzanne is Jen's younger sister (my age) so there's little wonder we hit it off right away too when we met in 2005. I've been to Africa and back with Suzanne and now we're moms at the same time, for the first time, and it's so great having her to bounce ideas and questions off. Suzanne is one of the most confident, joy-filled Christian women I know and I LOVED seeing her today and having a bit of her rub off on me once again :)

They road-tripped to Montreal from Brockville with their brother, Christian for the day and we all had such a great time re-connecting and loving on each other.

My heart is full <3

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