dresser make-over

The search is OVER!

I had been looking for MONTHS for a dresser for the nursery. Ideally antique-looking, for super cheap, that I could paint white. Well, I'm due in 11 days and the clock is really ticking, so we nearly caved and bought an IKEA dresser (for $170 or so....yikes!).

So happy to say I found one at a garage sale just days ago for $20, gave it a little makeover, and am thrilled with how it turned out!!!

  • PAINT: Behr semi-gloss ultra-white trim paint, same paint we had leftover from the trim in the room
  • KNOBS: $2/each from the Montreal Habitat for Humanity Re-Store
  • INSIDE: it's lined with fun wallpaper, $2 also from the Re-Store
  • LABOUR: adoring husband
Note: the Re-Store is a nonprofit company that supports Habitat for Humanity with all of it's proceeds. Everything is donated by builders and there's great stuff there. Check it out and support Montreal's Habitat for Humanity!!


  1. I am totally jealous of your great finds and how it all came together. I definitely need to come and visit before MM comes - if I can time it right. I also want to come over once she's here - as soon as you're able to have guests.

    And as I was reminded of while talking with Brad, I will totally need to babysit for you while you catch some zzz's or just mosey around the house.

    I want to update my blog, especially seeing how lovely yours is - maybe it's time! :D

  2. it is time Becks! Whats the address to your blog? Send it away I'd love to check it out :)
    Thank you for the compliments, you are so kind!
    just text whenever you're free and i'll let you know if I'm not busy to have you come bye!

  3. Yep, that turned out fantastic!! Good job!

  4. Love the dresser -- nothing is more empowering than re-purposing something plain and making it gorgeous again! Also, I have the same pillow that's on top of yours. :) Just came to your blog by you link to mine -- thanks so much! I can already tell I will become a regular reader.

  5. As I am of yours Caroline!!