a FITNESS instagram?

Last week, I created a second Instagram account specifically for fitness and health called @fitmamamtl. Why the heck would I do that?

I launched a second Instagram account strictly to document my journey to strength, and in hopes of inspiring, encouraging, and explaining that fitness doesn't have to be body-obsessed, narcissistic, boastful, or competitive. I decided to start @fitmamamtl because in the last three months of using the BBG guides, I've noticed huge changes in my body, my energy levels, and my overall health, and it's a journey I'd like to document. In searching for other Instagram accounts to follow, I found that a lot of fitness accounts were heavy on platitudes and posing, but light on what I find personally encouraging: real life struggles balanced out with determination and perseverance, a higher motivation than looking hot in a bikini, conviction to care well for our bodies, emphasis on the benefits of strength training, aside from buns o' steal.

In many ways, I'm the last person who should have a fitness account on any form of social media. I've only been at this for three months, I'm definitely not super muscular or crazy fit, and I don't even know if I'm doing the exercises right half the time. You won't see me posting too many progress pics because I've never been too comfortable with selfies, especially half dressed ones, and I don't even want the focus of the account to be my body. But maybe that makes me just the right person to have a fitness account. When I look at certain hashtags (#fitmom, #bodyafterbaby, etc) I see an unattainable, overtly sexy, self-focused woman staring back at me and I just am not encouraged by that. But what if I could provide a different image? Another voice? A new motivation? A fresh perspective? That's why I've started @fitmamamtl. I'd love you to follow along! xo


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