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Part of our minimalist philosophy is having fewer clothes (which you've read about already), and making sure the clothes we do have are thoughtfully purchased. We want durable materials that will last for several kids/years. We aim for gender neutral and classic prints and styles. We love ethically made brands and small companies, and sometimes the big box shops too. I've just opened up a new Instagram account (@ournestinthecity) as a place to sell our previously-loved children's items. You'll find a mix of products and brands on there that fit into our minimalist philosophy and I hope you'll find something perfect for your little one!

Chloe's yellow Alice & Ames dress will be in the shop soon!
In the caption of the picture I'll state the starting bid. In the comments below you may match the bid by commenting your Paypal e-mail address, so I can invoice you. If another person wishes to increase your bid, they may leave a comment below yours saying so, with their Paypal e-mail address, and so on. When you leave your e-mail in the comments, that's your commitment to purchasing the item if you win. The auctions will generally run for one week, so check back to see if the item is still up for grabs. The winner of the bid will be contacted with a Paypal invoice from me, as well as shipping fees.  I'm happy to ship in whatever manner you prefer, though I assume, like me, you'll want the cheapest option!

In the past I've purchased clothes for myself and my kids in this way and I think it's really fun! It promotes lowering our ecological footprint, carefully curating minimalist wardrobes, and buying from friends instead of big companies :)

These auctions will be open to American and Canadian residents only (and US residents, all funds are in Canadian dollars, so lucky you, it will feel like a discount, which I suppose will make up for slightly more expensive shipping fees).

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