minimalist family guest - Kelsey

Today's guest is Kelsey, who has three kids in 1,000 square feet. You can find Kelsey at @kelseydianeblog on Instagram. Each guest will answer the same four questions. Read Kelsey's interview below:

1. What does minimalism mean for your family?

Minimalism to our family means having less stuff in our lives so that we can spend our time and energy on the things that matter most; instead of spending that energy on cleaning, de-clutering etc. It means only having things we love or need in our home.

2. How has minimalism influenced your family's culture (i.e. how you parent)?

Minimalism has influenced our family in the best way possible! Before adapting to a minimalistic lifestyle - I felt like we were drowning in stuff. I was constantly stressed out and yelling at the kids. My house was cluttered so my mind was cluttered. With less stuff around I have more time and energy to focus on the kids, we spend less time cleaning and more time outdoors enjoying each other’s company.

3. How do your kids react to your minimalist lifestyle?

We started purging stuff a couple years ago when our oldest daughter was 6 years old. At the time, we were having a lot of behaviour issues with her. Once we started purging and had less stuff in our home we noticed that her behaviour changed dramatically for the better. We noticed she was having less meltdowns and actually began asking us to get rid of stuff in her room because she felt less overwhelmed.

4. What's the hardest part about living minimally for your family?

The hardest part is getting people outside of our immediate family to understand. Christmas and birthdays can be difficult. Our parents would go way overboard with gifts, which was a nice gesture, but after every holiday we would feel overwhelmed. We started asking for experience gifts instead - like trips to the local theme park or dance lessons etc.


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