safe, affordable detangler for the kiddies!

Leave-in conditioner or detangler is a must with kiddos with long hair. Now that all three of my kids are officially out of the baby stage (which most days I love but other days I may or may not smell their old baby blankets hoping for a whiff of days gone by, but I digress...) their hair is so much thicker and stronger. No more sweet baby whisps, and all the tangles.

Detangler is so key for brushing out wet hair, and I credit it to saving my sanity at Friday night swimming lessons, but it's hard to find an affordable one with safe ingredients. Conditioner is one of the worst offenders on the EWG Skin Deep database, with almost every brand high in toxicity. Detangler, being basically a more gentle, watered-down conditioner is the exact same. The Beautycounter kids shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is one of the things my clients go nuts for, and I love finding more uses for this awesome, safe product. So here's the crazy simple recipe:

1 Tb of Beautycounter kids conditioner (or you can use their regular shampoo too, it's just as safe!) + a spray bottle full of warm water. THAT'S IT. Shake, spray, and brush easily. It will cost you a few cents and the cost of the spray bottle.

If you have any questions about Beautycounter products, I'm always happy to help, just e-mail me at BEAUTYCOUNTERMONTREAL@GMAIL.COM. For a list of my favourite products, see HERE. And to shop all things Beautycounter, see HERE.

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