healthy changes for the holidays

It's been a while since I've mentioned safe beauty products, mainly because this blog isn't a health blog, nor a beauty blog, and I know not everyone is at the same place regarding these issues. It's cool, we can be different and still friends :)

BUT... recently I came across this article on the dangers of synthetic scents (found in scented candles, shampoos, and especially beauty products) and I thought it was worth sharing.

Especially during the holidays, with scented candles everywhere, and nail polish and make up as a top stocking stuffer for the ladies, synthetic fragrances are ON THE PROWL.

So what to do?

Back story: when I started using Beautycounter products, I was ready for a healthier change for me and my family. The make up, shampoo, and soaps we used were all highly rated on EWG's list for toxicity (higher = dangerous), and every Beautycounter product is rated 3 or lower, and most are a 1, which is the lowest on the list (lower = safer). OK, safer sounds right, but it's not always that simple, amiright?

The prices were higher than the grocery store brands I was buying ($5 lipstick is kind of magnetic in it's appeal), but were on par with high quality brands without the threat of allergies, hormone changes, kidney damage, and even cancer. And these are seriously amazing products! Not everyone can make these changes, and our family couldn't change every single product either (#realitycheck), but we've made the changes that our budget allows and now we do our research on each product, and there are products we simply don't buy anymore, like scented candles and perfume/cologne.

My favourite Beautycounter products are the shampoo and conditioner, the mascara, the kid's products, and the nourishing day cream. I'd say the products my clients buy most frequently are the charcoal bar and facial and the lipstick.


I plan on gifting a few people on my list this year with Beautycounter, and they have some fun holiday gift sets. And, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT !!!  Check out their Black Friday sales, TODAY!

If every you have any questions about Beautycounter, which products to use for certain skin types, or how to save on shipping costs, I'd love to talk to you. Feel free to e-mail me at BEAUTYCOUNTERMONTREAL@gmail.com

Here's to better, safer beauty!

pssssst: In the spirit of authenticity, which I aim to have in all of my posts, I will receive a small commission from Beautycounter sales, so if you choose to shop Beautycounter, you'll be supporting this blog (and our family) and thank you so much! 

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