save BIG on Beautycounter top sellers until Monday @ Midnight!

Happy Labour Day friends!

As you all know, I have been involved with Beautycounter; using, loving + providing their unicorn products (safe + high performing = alllllmost impossible to find!) for several months now. I try to limit the Beautycounter content on this blog though, because I know a lot of you are here for crazy junk food recipes, my trial and error parenting journey, wanderlust fuel, and minimalist city-living thoughts, and safer beauty products aren't on the top of everyone's list of must read information. I get it.

It wasn't my thing for the longest time, and even now I hesitate to say it's even a thing, but rather a facet of a big diamond. Let's call the diamond reflective decision making. Or maybe considered choices? What is my obsession with labeling things!? All I know is, over the years I've made multiple changes as I've taken longer to make decisions and really thought through things before buying, starting, signing up, whatever. Like, what's in this stuff I put all over my body, hair, face? Maybe I should learn some of those long words and look into them...

Over the past several months that I've been using Beautycounter,  I definitely have favourite products (you can read about mine HERE), and I know which ones fly off the shelf. So when the top sellers all go on sale in a bundle, I take note.

Beautycounter has a promo on right now where you can get over $60 off a collection that they've created with their tippy top selling products. It's called the Ultimate Spa Collection and it includes the charcoal cleansing bar, the purifying charcoal mask, the nourishing night cream, and the rose water spray, which are all insanely popular. Regular price is $217 and you can get it for $155 through Labour Day! (Meaning tonight at midnight!).

The charcoal cleansing bar is AMAZING. Almost every.single.client I have buys one in each order. They're that great. The bar lasts forever and the charcoal is no joke - it is great for all skin types, and particularly acne-prone skin. The purifying mask practically has a cult following. The rose water spray is next level. Usually Beautycounter specials include one crazy popular product with a lesser-known product (which makes sense, because then they boost sales for the lesser-known product) but this one is ALL the best products in one bundle! Hence, why I'm sharing here. I don't want to inundate you all with Beautycounter posts (even though I love the stuff!), but this is too good not to share.
But your bundle HERE today only! Sale ends Monday at 11:59pm!
Here's to better, safer beauty!

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