My Top 6 Beautycounter Products

After two months of being involved with Beautycounter, I've learned about all of their products inside and out. The few products I haven't tried, I've researched and studied. I know their ingredients, why they're safer than other options out there, and why my clients love them. But I'm often asked what my faves are, and so today I'm sharing!

These six are my no-fail, go-to, always-buy products. I recommend them to everyone. They're also among the most affordable Beautycounter products out there, all being under $50 (ok, except one).


Matte Bronzer - $48. My old bronzer was rated a 9 on EWG.com and I knew it was among the first things I had to change. I love the finish, and that it's not sparkly. It's natural and long lasting, and I use way less of this bronzer than my older, cheaper, toxic alternative.

Sheer Lipstick in Scarlet - $38. I love red lipstick! We eat so much of our lip stick, and our lips absorb whatever we put on them, so I really wanted a safe lipstick. I don't wear lipstick every day, either so I know each tube will last me a really long time. I have lipsticks from several years ago that I still use, so for me, it's worth the splurge.

Nourishing Day Cream - $52. I love the nourishing line and recommend it heartily to everyone. I like a simple skincare routine so I use the day cream morning and night. It's lightweight and feels so wonderful on my skin! I also find my makeup goes over it so smoothly - it's replaced my need for primer, too!

Charcoal Cleansing Bar - $30. This bar is great for breakouts and oily skin, and the charcoal detoxifies skin and washes makeup off so easily. EWG.org rates it a 1 which is the lowest ranking for toxicity possible! It also looks pretty in my soap dish, ha!

Hand Cream - $21. I have bad eczema on my right hand and I need to moisturize immediately after I wash my hands (which is like 20 times a day!) and before bed every day.  I thought I was using a good hand cream for the longest time, but then I tried Beautycounter's and I'm hooked. My hands are way softer and my itching and dryness are significantly reduced. It's also rated a 1 on EWG. Love!

Lengthening Mascara - $33. This mascara is so great. The brush is small so I never get mascara on my face when I'm applying (anyone else always have that problem??). it's super resistant, lasts all day and in the water, and it's gentle on your eyes. I wear contacts every day, and find some eye makeup irritates my eyes, so I love this! It's super strong though, so make sure you use baby oil or eye makeup remover to take it off.

You can place an order HERE or e-mail me if you have any questions about products.
Here's to safer, better beauty!

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