small changes, when you can't change everything

If you missed last week's announcement, I've started working with Beautycounter to educate, enjoy, and offer high-performing and SAFE makeup and skin care. Yay! I'm really excited about this new endeavor, but there are still large parts of me that resists anything beauty-related or expensive. Budgets matter big time in our home, and I never want to become too interested in beauty, which is fleeting. It's an on-going tension, and we are striving for balance, while pursuing safety for our family.

I'll be honest, I liked living in the land of ignorant bliss, where I could buy $10 lipstick from the grocery store and not know about the animal fat byproduct that added to it's shelf life, or the hormone-altering chemicals in our shampoo that are known to cause early puberty in girls. That was a lovely little bubble, and sometimes I miss it.

It's overwhelming to think about how toxic so many things are that we put on our bodies every.single.day. And honestly, if I think about it for too long I get a little panicked. So I thought up a few areas that we could start to make changes, and as we found room in the budget, we could grow from there. If you're anything like me, you probably can't change your whole beauty and skincare regimen, no matter how much you oppose the chemicals in your products. And that fact alone makes me want to not bother doing anything, but that's not the right outlook. I want to make as many changes as I possibly can, and not feel guilty about the changes that aren't within our budget. I want to feel good about the choices we are making, and realize that we can't do everything.

Here are two suggestions for small changes, and how I decided to use Beautycounter instead of some other "natural" beauty companies. The tricky thing is, any company can put the label "natural" on their products, as it's not a regulated industry (and "natural" is such a buzz word!), so I suggest using the EWG app Skin Deep to search any product before you purchase it. I'm aiming to stick with products that are 1-3 on the 1-10 scale for hormones and toxicity, and most of the products I was using that called themselves "natural" ended up as 8's and 9's! Eek! Anyway, on to my first two small changes: mascara and kid's shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

For my makeup routine, which I know needs a full overhaul, I wanted to start with something that was most worrisome and easiest to buy online. The mascara I'm currently using has propylparabens in it, which cause endocrine disruption (changes in our hormones!) and are rated a 7 on the EWG scale. So I'm ready to change that! I'm also not hesitant to buy mascara online since a soft black looks great on anyone, whereas I might be more hesitant with lipstick or eye shadow.

Beautycounter's mascara is rated 2 on the EWG scale and has fewer highly rated ingredients than the competing vegan beauty brand's mascara and even costs less (plus shipping is more affordable!)

My next area for change is my kiddos' toiletries. Thankfully they don't have a very involved skincare routine, so it's not going to break the bank to change what we use here. Their little bodies are still developing and if I go safe on one product it's going to be what we put on their bodies every day - body wash for all three, and the shampoo and conditioner for Lily. The younger two just wash their hair with body wash, but my oldest has longer hair so we use shampoo and conditioner on her.

Once again, Beautycounter out-performs the other leading vegan skincare line and is more affordable! You can buy the bottles separately, or save $9 by buying them together.

These are just a couple of changes that we are making around here. We can't do it all, but we can do something! If you have any questions about my journey to safer beauty, how you can get free shipping, or how you can save 25% off every purchase, get in touch with me! Beautycounter Montreal at Gmail dot com /// BEAUTYCOUNTERMONTREAL@gmail.com

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