Love & Lemons

Do you guys read the foodie blog, Love & Lemons? I recently found it and love her recipes and pictures. Jeanine describes her style as healthy, seasonal, and whole food recipes, made with love and a squeeze of lemon.

You'll love her blog, and she also has a new cook book out and it's 40% OFF right now! I haven't bought a new cook book in ages and Indigo has free-shipping until tomorrow site-wide, so I think it's time!

ps - speaking of book deals, my book club is starting The Nest which is also 40% off right now! It's a good time to buy books apparently ;)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I really wanted to get that book since Love & Lemon announced it, but it was a little too expensive. 40% + free shipping? Well, I just placed my order. :)

    Merci! :)

    1. awesome! hope you love it Genevieve! xo