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Hi there! My name is Samantha Boswell, I’m a mama to my first and only born cutie, Owen and wife to my best friend, Aaron.

I’m a work at home “mamapreneur” (entrepreneur + mama) starting my own business as a “Wellness Stylist” for pregnant and new moms. I describe it as a health nerd with a big heart! I help women nourish their bodies through food and fitness so they can have the healthiest pregnancies possible, have more energy, sleep better, stress less, and tone their bodies post pregnancy. I absolutely love my job!

So just what do days look like as a Wellness Stylist, mamapreneur, wife, and self-titled day dreamer? Here’s a little look into our days…

Truth is I’ve always been a night owl. I’m the girl who color coordinates her closet at 1am after eating pancakes at midnight (not a health habit I recommend!). So, needless to say, having a little babe waking me up anywhere between 6 to 645am has been a real adjustment! However mornings have come to hold some my favorite moments of the day. I groggily stumble to Owen’s room and bring him back in bed with us to feed him; those early morning cuddles seem to take the sting out of 6am.

All three of us head to the kitchen to make coffee and green smoothies. Owen loves helping me make our smoothies! At first he thought the texture of lettuce was slimy and strange, but with time he’s turned in to my little smoothie sous chef! I’ve even started to make extra, otherwise he will drink all of mine! After this, we will have what I affectionately call “second breakfast,” which is usually some sort of fruit for him, followed by bites of whatever I’m having; tofu scrambles, gluten-free pancakes, and oatmeal are our favorites.

At some point, Owen will walk over to our record player and start dancing. I’ll say “Music?” to which he’ll nod his head excitedly. I’ll turn on the record player (it’s been Mat Kearny these days) and without fail he’ll want us to pick him up and dance!

After that, now that Owen is 14 months and pretty self-sufficient, he’ll play with his wooden blocks (that came in this darling truck we bought him for his birthday) by himself or with whatever random object he’s decided is a toy (usually Aaron’s toothbrush. Sorry honey, we should really buy you a new one soon...). While he plays, I put the dishes away and tidy up the house. Somewhere in there, I get on the floor and start playing with him too.

After a few hours, it’s time for his first nap. Depending on the day, I will have a client call scheduled. All of my current clients are pregnant, so most of that time will be filled talking about sugar cravings, how to workout safely, or how to stay in a healthy weight range. Just recently, I had a client’s Doctor tell her he was concerned about her weight gain. After making a few small changes to her diet, she was able to get rid of her sugar cravings and get back into her healthy weight range! Moments like that remind me why I choose the crazy life of a mamapreneur and continue to search for the balance of work and home life (more on that topic, here)

If I don’t have a client that day, I’ll head to the gym, and then to a café for some time alone to read and refresh. This also gives me a chance to work on my business while Aaron stays home during Owen’s second nap. Thankfully we both mostly work from home so we’re able to trade off during the day and both accomplish what we need to. I know this is not common, so I really appreciate the flexibility we both have. Plus, I love how much we get to see each other during the day! During my work time, I’ll blog, edit photos, create new client material, reply to client emails, and whatever new project I’m dreaming up at the moment!

Once Owen wakes up, we’ll usually head outside. Now that Spring is finally on its way (what’s up crazy Montreal weather) we’ll go for a walk and head to the market, canal, or a park. Thankfully, we have a lot of options in our neighborhood.

In the evening, we give Owen a bath, read his Jesus Storybook Bible, sing a song, pray, turn on his diffuser (his favourite nighttime essential oil is Cedarwood) and I nurse him to sleep.

After that, Aaron and I have some time to reconnect and talk. We’ve always loved cooking together and really value homemade nutritious meals, so we get rather creative in the kitchen! We’re mostly vegan so our meals usually look packed with plant-based protein and lots of veggies. We also love dessert so we’ll make something from our favourite blogs, (like Oh She Glows or Hot for Food).

After we’ve leisurely enjoyed conversation and time together over dinner, you can usually find us eating our vegan treats over Netflix watching, we’re currently watching The Office for the third time (some things never get old). After which, we’ll read in bed before it’s lights out, (gradually at an earlier time for this recovering night-owl).

This season is sweet and often crazy, but I love these days and all the precious moments they hold.

Thanks for stopping by, Samantha!
Instagram: @the.wellness.stylist
Website: thewellnessstylist.com + sgmamas.com

**All photos with Owen were taken by Gili Gili Films

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