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Hi! My name is Morgan and I'm a blogger over at Momo in the 6. My husband, Sam, and I recently moved to Toronto for his job where we are raising our 14 month old son, Finn and expecting our second baby in a few short months.

I was tempted to plan the perfect day to document for this series; one that would make our lives look perfect and our home would be spotless and my son wouldn't be getting four molars at one time... but then I realized that that would be a very inaccurate picture of our daily lives. So here's an attempt to show a glimpse into a real day in my life.

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Mornings, up and at 'em! My son is a dreamy baby who has always loved his sleep. This means I can capitalize on the time before he wakes to accomplish things I want to do, be it working out or time in the Word. I try to workout four times a week in the morning and the other three days I use this time to have a longer study and some quiet reflection time. Afterwards I get myself ready for the day, go to Finn who is up babbling and playing with his beloved Bunny between 7:30-8 and we eat breakfast together. My son loves food and needs to eat the moment he wakes. Oatmeal is this mama's best friend because it is easy and filling for this growing boy. Most mornings we spend playing with toys, reading books or listening to/dancing around to music. Currently that means Adele's new album and Christmas music. Finn usually goes back to sleep for a long morning nap sometime between 9:30-12. I use this time to read (currently reading Anna Karenina), blog, write and get myself organized for the week with my handy Moleskine and meal planner. This is such an important time of day for me to feel like a normal human being. Especially as this next baby gets closer to making his/her appearance and the newborn "sleep deprived and on demand stage" begins again I am so aware of how precious these few hours of alone time are.


Afternoons, get me out of the house. I am definitely a woman who needs to get out of my house at least once a day. I am an extrovert and crave adult interaction. Most days this means Finn wakes from his nap, we eat lunch and then hit the road. We have a few favourite local spots to go to and we always try to include friends. Our family recently moved to the east end of Toronto in a neighbourhood called Leslieville. It is an amazing place with loads of great cafés, restaurants, art galleries, parks and tons of families. It reminded me so much of Le Plateau in Montréal where we used to live. I knew right away when we prospectively toured the area that it would be a great fit for us. We head out, run any errands that may need to be done and then head to a nearby café (today was Box Car Social!) for a coffee and a snack.

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During the 4-6 PM "witching hours" we aim to get to the park. There are four amazing parks within 5 blocks of our home so we try to switch it up and go to a different one each day. This is a time where I let Finn be free to explore and try to teach him as much as I can about his surroundings. It is amazing to me how much of a sponge kids are at this age! He is a wild man at the park and loves to spend time on the swings, climbing the playground and going down the slide headfirst and holding on for dear life on his side of the see-saw.

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Evenings, relax and eat. This is Finn's independent playtime. I prep dinner and he plays with his toys. Many nights he wants to come cook with me which I love. I am so thrilled that he has taken an interest in food, even if it means it takes me five times as long to prep and 10 times the mess. I sit with Finn and feed him (typically the previous nights leftovers) and then he continues to play after dinner. Depending on the month, Sam usually arrives at home between 6:30-7. Dada's arrival at home is always a joyful moment for everyone, Finny goes crawling to him at lightning speed (he can walk but is much more efficient on all fours) and chants, "Dada! dada! dada!" I can relax knowing that my best friend and favourite human is home and I am no longer the only one in charge! We hang together as a family then Sam takes over and plays with Finn and gives him a bath, giving mama a break and time alone to finish cooking or have some quiet time.

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Given Finn's age and my husbands schedule we don't do family dinners. Sam and I have dinner together after he is in bed. This is one of my favourite times of day. Sam and I get to recap on the events of the day, talk through the good or bad things that happened and enjoy each others company. Then Sam gets to work and I get to the glamorous work of organizing our lives: making him a lunch for the next day, cleaning the kitchen, putting toys away, folding laundry that has been sitting in the dryer for 4 days...


My days are full and so is my heart. This season of our lives is crazy, busy and stressful at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so thankful that I get to call these two boys my own and am so excited to grow our family and enjoy the little moments that make each day so special.

Thanks Morgan!
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