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I'm Kylie, a mama of two little babes, wife to a veteran, and living life in the country. I was so grateful to be able to be a part of the, “A Day In Her Life” series, even though every day of my life is never the same (hello, motherhood!). But, I knew that being able sit down and write about our general day-to-day life would be exactly something I needed. Something I could look back on and read my pure thoughts about our daily life and all of the experiences that come with being a mother to two little ones.

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First, let me tell you something about myself. I love lists. And I really love crossing things off of a list. But when my second baby was born, my Mckenna Lynn, I decided that I was going to be all, “let’s just go with the flow” and you know what happened?! Nothing. We did nothing. I planned nothing. And I was more frazzled and confused and craved some sort of routine that had always worked for us in the past. 

So, we made one. I sat down at my computer and typed out little activities to do each day with my kids. And it’s not perfect and it’s not followed everyday but it’s a simple and gentle reminder of what we can what; what I’d like to do each day. And it works for us. I function better as a mother, wife, and person with a bit of structure and I think once I was ready to admit that and go ahead in creating that our family began to thrive again because of it.

My kids are my alarm clock. I wake up when my kids wake up, we all get dressed upstairs together, and then head downstairs for breakfast. Some days it’s bacon + eggs + waffles and some days it’s just whatever fruit we have left in the fridge. And, to be fair, the fruit days are really what my kids love the most. We always try to start our day with our essential oils, too. My son loves to make "checks" in his little oily book of the oils that he puts on by himself. 

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Lessons are up next, and by “lessons” I really mean heading into the dining room to do some sort of articulate + educational activity with the kids so I can feel like we’ve got our day started off on a good note. My son’s favorite thing to do is his Mickey Mouse workbooks; full of little writing activities for tracing and learning to write his letters and numbers. Mckenna’s favorite activity is causing as much trouble as she can while I’m helping Kade with his lessons. It’s such a give and take. Some days I give in and the kids completely take over and I’m learning that that’s okay. It’s okay that we don’t do lessons 5 days a week, and it’s okay that sometimes the lessons only last 20 minutes.

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I always find time during the day to squeeze in some conversations with my oily friends + family. I started using essential oils 20 months ago and they’ve been such a blessing to us. Through our Lavender & Lime Collective I talk about oils with anyone that wants to promote wellness for their family in a more natural way. You can find lots of my DIY recipes on my Instagram and can also use my website to get your own oils. I'm always happy to chat and answer questions! 

Afternoons in our house are usually for relaxing and popping on a movie. I cherish the moments that I lay down on couch with Mckenna and she falls asleep on me. It’s an everyday occurrence now, but I know that all too soon it’s going to be sporadic and eventually end. She’s my little baby right now so it’s hard to imagine that one day she won’t need me to take a nap as she does right now. Its precious moments like these that completely erase all the spills, messes, and food I’ve cleaned up throughout the earlier parts of the day. Then, as I'm making dinner, the kids are always waiting so (im)patiently for their Daddy to come home!

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As my husband and I lay in bed at night, we’ve had the tradition of asking, What was your favorite part about the day? to each other for the last few years now. So, we always end the night with that. Sometimes, the lists are so long. Other days, it’s a struggle to find something. But, the point is that there’s always something to find! Usually, I’ll fall asleep criticizing every mothering decision I made that day; wishing I did more of this, less of that. But then, I’ll wake up the next morning with two happy babes wanting their Mama; and my hear reminds me that I'm doing just fine and it's all I need to start the next day. 

Thank you so much Kylie! 
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  1. I am always encouraged to hear about other moms who thrive with routine and lists. I've had quite a number of people make me feel somewhat guilty for being a "schedule person" or a "list person" but I really get nowhere if I don't have a plan, and it makes us all miserable! :) Been there, done that, no thanks! ;)