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Hey y’all I’m Casey! I have been married to my husband, Ben, for six years and together we have two daughters. Addison is five and Audrey will be two in March. We live just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am the founder and editor of The Southeastern Bride, write a weekly column for a local online publication, and keep up with our adventures in parenting, home making, and life on the spectrum with my personal blog, Tuesday & Sunday.

Regardless of our plans for the day, our mornings are always exactly the same. Ben has already left for work when we get out of bed somewhere between six and seven. We immediately go to the kitchen where I turn on the Keurig and the girls run and play while I stumble around fixing hot cocoa and setting things out for breakfast. I usually sit at the table and make a to-do list or write some goals. Depending on my workload sometimes I will use this time to sift through emails, or spend a few minutes finishing up a blog post. Or just soaking up extra morning cuddles!

At this point we usually eat breakfast and then get changed for the day. Most days we try to get out for a bit to do errands, go to Addi’s therapy appointments, or a fun activity. On days we don’t really have anything to do we will get out toys to play in the floor, snuggle and read, or go to a local park for a bit.

We try to get back home by 11:00am to make and eat lunch before quiet time and nap. After lunch the girls play independently or flip through some books for a few minutes before we move to their bedroom for quiet time. We stay in their bedroom for at least an hour and a half. Addi doesn’t have to nap, but while Audrey takes a snooze Addi has to play, doodle, or read independently and occupy herself for the duration. Even on days Audrey fights a nap we still stay in their room at least until the hour and a half is up. This has been a game changer for naps and rest time. 

After quiet time we come back out to the kitchen and have a snack. I use this time to tidy up a bit while the girls get going again. Then we bundle up and head out for a walk. On days that Audrey doesn’t take a nap a long walk is a lifesaver as she will sometimes doze off or at least be soothed by all of the natural sights and sounds outside.

When we come back in from our walk it is bath time.  We don’t watch a lot of TV, but at this time of day is when the girls’ favorite two shows are on so they will dance around and watch TV for a bit while I work on dinner prep, a grocery list, or just have some tea and read for a few minutes.

Daddy gets home around 4:00pm and by that time it is super nice to have a grown up home to chat with. We talk about the day for a few and then he heads to the shower while I get dinner underway.

After dinner things get blurry! We get the girls changed and ready for bed, brush teeth, and cuddle up for bed by 7:00. Ben and me spend the rest of the evening sitting on the couch together watching a few of our favorite shows and talking most of the way through them. Then it’s off to bed to do it again tomorrow!

Thanks Casey!

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