Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecakes

Winter is coming but my kitchen still knows it's autumn. Last week I bought 6 large cans of pure pumpkin, you know, just in case they're sold out of pumpkin next time I'm there. Not because we go through pumpkin that fast. That would be crazy. Ahem.

Anyway, I've been cooking and baking with pumpkin a lot lately. Pumpkin risotto, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta sauce/pizza sauce, pumpkin oat bars, pumpkin cookies, PSL coffee syrup (yes it has actual pumpkin in it!), oh and my kids eat plain old pumpkin from the jar. They think it's a treat! Weird Awesome.

The other night, I wanted to try pumpkin cheesecake, with some variations. The older two had bean absolutely maniacs for most of the afternoon and didn't fall asleep until 9pm after partying in their room. That's a post for another day, but the whole two toddlers in a room without the confines of a crib have proved difficult. Point being, I needed a treat when they were finally asleep to enjoy during the hockey game, so I made these. And treat they were!

I started with this recipe and then made some changes - I wanted individual sized cheesecakes, not one cheesecake, and I wanted it crust free because I didn't have the ingredients for a pumpkin pie crust (and really it's wasted calories, everyone knows the filling is where it's at when we're not talking puff pastry). To make this recipe gluten free, simply swap the 1 TB flour for cornstarch or a gluten free flour.

I used fairly large ramekins and it made 4, but this recipe would also work with smaller ramekins and make 6-8. But who are we kidding? Go big or go home.

Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecakes:

Take out 1 package (225g/8oz) of light cream cheese and let become room temperature. This is really important to avoid the white chunks of cream cheese that refuse to soften when mixed with other ingredients, like I  had in my cheesecakes. The cheesecakes will still taste delicious if you don't go this step, but they look prettier without the chunks).

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix together pack of cream cheese and 3/4 C of sugar until soft.

Add 2 eggs, one at a time.

Add 1/4 C milk (any kind - almond, whole, 2%, cream, whatever) and 1 TB flour.

Season to taste with cinnamon and nutmeg (I didn't add much but if you love spiced flavours, go nuts).

Last, add 1 C pureed pure pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)

Pour mixture into 4 large ramekins, then place ramekins in a lasagne dish with 2 inches of water (this step is supposed to avoid cracks in your finished cheesecake but spoiler alert: it doesn't work. It may contribute to the moistness of the cake though, which it was very, so I am not saying it's a wasted step).

Bake @ 350 for 35-45 minutes or until firm. Top with real whipped cream (which you should totally sweeten with maple syrup to get it tasting seasonal, and spike with bourbon just because) and a dash of cinnamon.

I am planning to make these again about a thousand times. You might say I recommend the recipe! Happy Fall, y'all!


  1. I saw you post a picture of these on instagram. So glad you shared the recipe :)

  2. I am not the hugest fan of pumpkin but those pumpkin spiced cheesecakes look delicious. I'm also intrigued by the pumpkin risotto, curious as to how that would taste!