a day in HER life [Sam]

Welcome to a day in my life!

My husband and I are small business owners and we work from home - for us, that means switching on and off in terms of responsibilities. Sometimes I'm at the computer, sometimes he is; sometimes I'm in a meeting, sometimes he is. When we're both needed for the job, we bring in childcare. So far we're still in our learning stages and have some serious growing pains from time to time but the benefit of this lifestyle is that we both get to see our daughter through the day - sometimes one parent gets to spend more time (and sometimes she only sees the back of the other parent's head, as the computer screen brightens the room... oh that part is not awesome) but the greatest thing is that we're both here to watch her develop and grow. And I really would not change that for the world. I love John and I love our babygirl & this is a fun and busy life.

This post made me realize however that what I'm not doing is being intentional about spending time reading the Bible. I pray through the day, and I read on the iPhone, but I don't really take real down time. So that's a goal and I'm really glad I did this post because of it.

So here you are: the non-glamorous life of a stay-at-home-and-also-working-mom.

(And if you're wondering when I get time to blog, welcome to the club.)

 photo part1.png
 photo part2.png
 photo part3.png

Things I'd like to note:
  • I work from home. We are blessed with two computers and two workspaces. Praise God for that because it was getting ridiculous with just one!
  • My husband makes the world's best cappuccinos, ever. And we get to enjoy them nearly every day!
  • Between both of my super-outwardly-expressive parents, whom I adore, The Caterpillar is on speakerphone for a large percentage of the day. They call just to talk to her. 
  • We go through quite a lot of dishes. 
  • I do my best to involve The Caterpillar in the most amount of chores possible. This often means torn up paper towels strewn across the bathroom floor, or (as you can also see), a shopping cart doubling as a laundry basket. And laundry smattering the ground.
  • We try for healthy, well balanced meals. Yogurt often prevails.
  • I'm sick this week so New Girl in bed was a yes.
  • I'm not sure if any plants on our porch will grow, on account of their being dug up daily.
  • We had friends for dinner. Normally dinner isn't so schmancy.
  • And breathe it out with a walk.
My life's not glamorous, but it's sweet as heck. We're happy and we're very blessed with a beautiful girl, lots of time together, and a homey home. But if there's one thing blogging fails at, it's showing half the story.

So I hope this post shares the whole story: in our home, things are messy, and they're lovely.


  1. Lovely post! Lovely life! :)

  2. Love this look at your sweet little family! :)

  3. Looks like a fun time!