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Hi there! My name is Brianna and I'm a wife, mama, and blogger at Tea with Bri. I'm so honoured that Emily is giving me the opportunity to share with you what my day looks like. This is a typical week-day, but because we're not a typical family (who is?), our days are not always scheduled and can look very different.

MORNING {7:00am - 10:00am}

ten minute tidy-up
To me, mornings are synonymous with "get things done". I am not a morning person, so it takes me a good hour to really get in the groove of things, but once I'm up and alert I spend my morning "getting things done". Usually I'm cleaning, sometimes cooking, and doing other chores around the house. My 1-year-old daughter plays on her own, follows me around the house, and occasionally we play.

I used to feel bad that I wasn't always playing and interacting with my daughter for this chunk of time, but I realized that if I set aside time each day to "get things done", I'd have the rest of the day for play-time. We still have tickle fights, read books, eat together, and play hide-and-seek, but my priority is to get all the chores out of the way.

NAP TIME {10:00am - 12:00pm}

When my daughter naps I go straight to my Bible and whatever devotional I'm doing and spend some quiet time. This is my time to be quiet before God and just meditate on his word for renewal and refreshment. The rest of her nap I spend reading, blogging, eating, and sometimes exercising.

AFTERNOON {12:00pm - 4:00pm}

Once my daughter wakes up we focus on fun and play in the afternoon. After she eats, we might go for a walk, take a trip to the library, or visit my favourite local cafe. Once or twice a week we might also have my mother-in-law over for a visit. On Mondays my MIL takes Pen out for the afternoon and gives me a break.

play-time for penelope
EVENING {4:00pm - 8:00pm}

After our adventure Pen usually takes a short nap, and I start to get dinner ready. My husband comes home around 5:00pm and is always eager for some play-time with his little girl (and she's just as eager!) The rest of our night is spent winding down and relaxing. We eat, play, have bath time, and get Penelope to bed by 7:30 or 8:00pm. After that my husband and I might watch a movie, read, or relax. We're usually in bed by 10:00pm, most nights earlier!

sleeping babies make my heart melt

Thanks for joining me on a typical day with my family. If you'd like to find out more about our little family you can join me for tea at my own blog.

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