healthier scones AGAIN (lemon poppy seed edition)

Remember that recipe I posted for healthier scones? Where you replace most of the butter with yogurt? Which is fun because yogurt can add extra flavour too (raspberry, lemon, vanilla, whatever).

Well that recipe still calls for 6 TB of butter. Not a huge deal at all, and a scone is a sweet so we all need to expect some calories + sugar, neither of which are GOOD for us as it were. But I like to load my scones with whipped cream. Real whipped cream. 35%, y'all. So I was curious what would happen if I replaced the whole 6 TB of butter with 6 TB of apple sauce.

Guess what? They were still awesome! You could taste the difference *slightly*, but once you added jam and whipped cream, no one was the wiser. And I'm slowly justifying all that whipped cream!

holy monster scone!!
Just for fun, I made these ones with added poppy seeds and lemon zest, but used strawberry yogurt. Good combo! The yogurt addition makes flavour options endless, really. Give it a try! Sidenote: I added zest from half a lemon to my whipped cream as it was whipping. Amazing addition, especially with lemon poppy seed scones!

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