Nest Guest #6 [Morgan]

My final guest (even though I've been home for 2 days it's been a nice break as we transition home) is my dear friend Morgan. The same saint who was watching my babies while we were in Alberta. Check out her blog and tweets!

Christmas time at the Thralls. Our first Christmas together as man and wife and I.cannot.wait. 

First off, you should know that I love Christmas. I am a "start decorating November 1st girl" {like Maggie} and so is my mom, but unfortunately my dad always believed that the Christmas season and decorating etc should start after his birthday... which happens to be November 30. Apparently I also married a bit of a scrooge, because when my darling husband walked in on November first hearing Christmas music playing in the house, he said the same thing! But with the mention of the many delicious baked goods and the promise that we won't get a tree until December, we came to a compromise... after remembrance day we are good to go!

Which means this week I can start decorating, but as we are taking care of Em's sweet babes that will have to be put on hold. Side note: my dad is in town next week for work and a visit and I am going to make him break his own traditions of holding out and have him decorate and cook Christmas goodies with me! ha!

Sam finishes school on the twelfth of December and we will probably head to Oakville for closer to the 20th and stick around for a couple weeks. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is how it brings everyone together. Not only are two of my best friends on opposite ends of the world from me {read: California and Ireland!} but after losing Gramma and Opi this year it is even more important to me to spend quality time with all my family: parents, sibs, cousins and aunts and uncles.

the only con to this festive season: 
This Christmas will be the first time we have to figure out where we stay and who we spend Christmas eve night with or Christmas morning or Christmas dinner... those are the somewhat stressful parts about Christmas that we aren't looking forward to. 

Christmas eve dinner is a "Macneill" tradition. we eat meat fondue and Yorkshire puddings and spend two hours enjoying a meal around the table and finish with bread pudding or frozen mocha cheesecake.
but, my favourite part of Christmas eve dinner is at the end of the meal, we sit around, pull out our bibles and share our verse for the year and what Jesus taught us and how it caused us to draw closer to Him. Needless to say there are lots of tears and laughs at this part of the meal. It's such a special time where we are vulnerable, open and honest together as a family.

In terms of how we will celebrate Christmas in the days leading up to heading back to our families: we are going to read through the book of Luke, to prepare our hearts as we celebrate what a wonderful saviour we have! I cannot wait to decorate the apartment! I recently inherited some adorable Christmas decorations from my Gramma including amazing mustard yellow tree ornaments! I always did love her style. I love the style of hanging extra large red and gold Christmas ornaments at different heights in the front window. I am excited to make homemade stockings for Sam and I, to hang lights and ornaments on the tree, to put together Christmas gifts, because let's be honest... poor city mice {students} living on a budget can't afford to give expensive gifts but we could put our creativity to use [perhaps gifts involving wedding pictures or something].

We are still trying to figure out what kind of tree to get. I am a sworn "real tree" kind of girl...Sam loves the idea of plastic. [for those of you who don't know my husband, he is a clean freak... the idea of sticky sap, and pine needles all over the house doesn't exactly "thrill" him]. All those arbitrary details aside, you just cant beat the look, the smell, the feel of a real tree! But I am realizing that if we are gone for the majority of the season it might not be worth it this year...a plastic tree might be the only solution, but I'm still not sold on it.

favourite Christmas cd's: 
Sufjan Stevens "songs for Christmas"
Mariah Carey "merry Christmas"
Josh Groban "noel" [interjection from Em... this cd drives me CRAZY /// not in a good way. love you Moog]
A Charlie Brown Christmas {obviously}
Bing Crosby "the Very Best of Bing Crosby Christmas"
Various Artists "a Very Special Christmas"
Various Artists "a Christmas present from Motown"

favourite Christmas movie:
hands down: it's a wonderful life

favourite Christmas treat:
sinfully rich squares: a delicious family recipe that is as delectable as it sounds... it has a cookie base, and coconut, cheesecake taste.
peppermint bark.
chocolate peanut butter pinwheels.

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